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Dr. O'Neill relieved the back pain that i had lived with for over 10 years in the FIRST session! He is the only chiropractor that has been effective for me. I had previously gone to 3 other Chiros - 2 in Abbotsford and another in Langley. Dr. O'Neill knows what he is talking about and demonstrates it not only with actions but also while explaining what he is doing. He has been my chiropractor for over 4 years and I would refer him to anyone!

- Philip S.

Dr. Grant O'Neill Chiropractor Surrey BC
I came to Dr. O’Neill for an adjustment while in town during the BC Bodybuilding Championships.  He had me good to go in no time; enabling me to lift heavier weights and achieve my goals.  I ended up winning first place in my division!  Thank you Dr. O’Neill. 
- Jeremy 
I came to Dr. O’Neill because I needed to get treated for a recent injury.  As a silver medalist in horse vaulting at the 2016 BC Summer games, I push myself to the limit; and this can result in more than a few bumps and scrapes!  The chiropractic treatments have helped me in a big way.  I’m more balanced and feel greater stability throughout my sessions. 
- Kaleigh
Dr. Grant O'Neill Chiropractor Surrey BC
After suffering from low back pain for a number of years I decided to get help from Dr. O’Neill.  With regular visits I now have increased mobility and I feel much better now.  I’m enjoying life again!  Thank you so much!
- Fred
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