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  • Dr. Dalen Matthysen

Childhood Dreams Become A Reality

Circa 2000 my goal in life was to play professional football. Completely disregarding that fact that I was a scrawny kid with no pain tolerance. Through my own trials and injuries I had to quit the game that I loved. Hold the pity..... Because I found something so much more fulfilling. Working as a chiropractor for other athletes is where I truly belong. On the side lines or in the clinic helping others compete at their best has given me a new appreciation for the game. So far I have had the honour of working with high-level triathletes, marathoners, football, track, hockey, soccer, cyclists, swimmers, rugby, baseball and basketball athletes.

I met Wally Buono (see above picture; head coach of BC Lions 2003-2011 and 2016-2018). Very down-to-earth and easy to talk to guy even though my heart was pounding, I grew up watching his team dominant the CFL west! Little did I know this chance meeting would make my childhood dreams come true. Little less than a month of two later, the BC Lions followed up asking if I would be interested in working with the team as a chiropractor - I have literally not been anymore sure of anything in my life, said yes.... maybe a little too quickly haha.

A week later I was walking through this door "Enter with Pride" is an understatement.

This was always a goal. Did I ever expect I'd get here? Not really, much less within a year of graduating. Working with the team been a great experience and I cant wait until the 2020 season. I can promise you, meeting this goal will only propel me to meet my and hopefully your future goals or bringing well-being and health to those around us.

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