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  • Dr. Dalen Matthysen

Welcome Dr. Matthysen to our Family

Hello everyone! First of all I wanted to thank everyone in the clinic and the community that has been apart of my shadowing and preceptoring experience at "My Chiropractor @ Clayton Heights over the past ......9 years, still can't believe its been THAT long since I first shadowed with Dr. O'Neill.

As a grad of University of Western States I am excited to uphold the evidence-based treatment style that I have developed through my Doctor of Chiropractic and Masters Science in Sports Medicine over the past 3 years. Along with the compassion and and integrity shown to me by Dr. O'Neill, along with my own desire to help and dedication to continue learning I know that I will be a productive member of the family at My Chiropractor @ Clayton Heights. I am also looking forward to being back home so that I can get back to working in the community. Currently, I am available at the clinic (address can be found below) on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. I use various techniques such as: - Diversified (general adjusting technique) - IASTM

- Cupping

- Cranial

- Pin and stretch (a form of ART; I plan to be taking the ART course in the next few months) - Motion Palpation

- MORE TECHNIQUES TBA..... Thank you for your time and I look forward to talking to you :) Come in and say hi!

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